Pottery Shards, Fragment of antique glass and bottles fragment circa 1760’s -1970’s
Also Vintage objects from 1900's
Along with Vintage found objects and Healing Gemstone.

Vintage dinner plate fragment.

Old coins circa 1808s to 1950s with Czech Glass beads.

Antique glass and brass buttons circa 1880s to 1890s

Vintage dinner plate fragment

1840s Willowwear Pottery with agate

Willowwear Pottery

Seaglass from Brooklyn with quartz

Mini Frozen Charlotte doll 1920s and antique pottery shards

Antique button with Chech Glass

Mercury Dime

Antique Porcelain doll face circa 1880s

Antique Figurine head from 1920s

Vintage pottery shard with Czech Glass and Brass

Vintage skelaton keys

(Please note : All my Jewelry are handmade and designed by me since 2009 )

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