Original Painting, prints and shadow box art,
Inspired by Pottery scenes, pattern, and postcard from 1800's.

"On green grass"

"Willow Girl "

"One Flower "


"Liz Bear "

"Honey and Jam"


"Girl with Rooster"

"Rattle and Home"

"Love Fly "

"Mermaid night out"

"Fairy and Owl"

"Bubble Balloons "



"Little Ben "E

Art work ( prints )2004 - recent

" Magaret" Sweet Princess

" Tonie" The Scarecrow

" Darlin" Bed timeFairy

" Jaster" and Jeter

"Rhainie" Havest Fairy


June : Fruit Pixie

Little Flight

Mushroom Fairy

Mya : Moon Fairy

Carina in The Garden

Behind red barn

"Alma"and Black cat

Balloon Fairy

Blue Fairy

Blue Moon

Me and my sister




Fairy Song

Gold Mermaid

" Ruth" Little Blue Dress

" Nano" Christmas Fairy

" Maratee" Midnight Mermaid

Miah : House Fairy

Igor : Bamboo Pipe Player

Flying Mermaid

Gold Pixie

Message in the bottle


" Bianca" The Blue Mermaid

" Minie" Curious Mermaid

" Karin " with an old Hen

"Judith " Blessing Fairy

"Gigino" Green Pixie

Magot : House Fairy

Lala : The Musician

Momo : House Fairy

Mr. Green Devil

The Lover

Wonder Land

Alice and puppy


Before Midnight

Blue Butterfly

Bodi and His Lollipop

Bunnie delight


Tea Time


Garden Spirit


" Oscar" The Snail Rider

" Matha" The Puppet

Wind Fairy

Mer Boys

Friendship Fairy

Wish upon a star

Neptune"s Daughter

Red Mermaid

copyright 2013